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Committed for the long term: the intan Group’s social responsibility activities

As a modern company, we not only see ourselves as market players but also, most importantly, as a part of wider society. As such, we are aware of our social responsibility.


Protest action for dead migrant workers in Qatar

More than 15,000 people have already died there from heat, exhaustion or lack of safety precautions. The intan group stands up for freedom, democratic structures, safe working conditions and fair wages. That is why we support the artist Volker-Johannes Trieb in his protest action.

Straßenkinder Berlin e.V.

For more than 10 years, the intan group has supported the association Straßenkinder e.V. in Berlin in order to offer children and young people living on the streets and affected by child and educational poverty a better perspective. Straßenkinder e.V. supports socially disadvantaged children through education and social participation and thus prevents them from ending up on the street.
Straßenkinder EV
Osnabrücker Zoo

The Osnabrück Zoo

As a sponsor of the Osnabrück zoo, we actively participate in the life of our local community. In doing so, we are enhancing the leisure opportunities and quality of life in our city.

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders records violations of press freedom and freedom of information around the world. This is because they defend the human rights to freedom of expression and intervene against threats, mistreatment or imprisonment of journalists, photographers and bloggers. The intan group therefore sees it as its duty to support media whose existence is threatened due to censorship or banning.

Exil e.V. in Osnabrück

Regardless of their social, cultural or religious background, Exil e.V. in Osnabrück works to ensure that refugees and people with a history of migration can live here in dignity and without fear. Exil also supports people who otherwise have no access to comparable offers. The intan group supports Exil e.V. in order to stand up for the rights of people with a history of refugee The focus is on projects against racism and the promotion of future prospects for refugee children and young people in the region.

Support Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Osnabrück

Mental illnesses are among the most common diseases of children and adolescents in Germany. The Förderverein Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie (association for the promotion of child and adolescent psychiatry) pursues the goal of counteracting further stigmatization through education and public relations work on the one hand, and on the other hand of bringing about changes in the attitudes of the population towards this topic. The intan group supports the sponsoring association in the financing and acquisition of special therapeutic and educational measures and equipment. This also includes the financing of leisure activities for the patients.

Deutschlandstiftung Integration

The foundation supports measures for the social and professional networking of young talented people with an immigration background and carries out projects and publicity campaigns to strengthen cohesion in society. As a long-standing sponsor and partner, the intan group supports the "GEH DEINEN WEG" program by accompanying young people with an immigrant background on their career path.