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Dialogue marketing

The intan Group’s dialogue marketing activities are specifically adapted to the interests of existing and/or potential customers. The company’s main focus here is on systematic coordination of customised offers and on evaluating and deepening existing and/or previous customer relationships, so they can be strengthened or developed. In the light of this objective, each measure the intan Group takes to win back former customers is specifically adapted to their reason for cancelling.


The intan Group’s telemarketing activities include every aspect required for successful telesales, including customer acquisition, reliable advice and contract conclusion. The focus of telemarketing includes generating new business contacts to interested parties or potential customers, segmentation of specific target groups, sales-oriented needs analysis and, of course, customer care.

Social media

The intan Group’s social media marketing programme uses both innovative and tried and tested strategies and techniques to successfully achieve the organisational objectives of the Group. It does this by creating and communicating added value in the form of offers, promotions and news for stakeholders. The stakeholder groups addressed by social media marketing include both potential and existing customers, potential employees, well-known bloggers, specialist journalists and the general public. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter play an important role in the social media marketing activities of the intan Group.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an essential feature of effective customer contact and modern customer care today. The intan Group’s email marketing system makes a significant contribution to strengthening and developing customer relationships. The company uses this form of one-to-one communication to address customers individually, but it also carries out one-to-many communication measures, by sending out regular newsletters, for example. The intan Group also constantly ensures that the layout and design of its email marketing content is clearly and professionally structured.