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Customer care

The intan Group assumes responsibility for customer care and uses every communication channel available to provide it. Of course this also applies to the support provided for existing customers.

The intan Group’s customer service provision begins even before the subscription has been finalised. As such, being service-oriented is a natural part of the intan Group’s corporate culture.

This means that potential customers are just as important as existing ones and have just as much relevance for the company. The intan Group makes it easy for customers to contact them and give the customers comprehensive advice, mastering the balancing act between showing appropriate restraint and offensive sales strategies.

The personal support that our customer care provides to subscribers is a crucial aspect of the intan Group’s subscriber support service – after all, reliable subscription management strengthens good customer relationships. This makes the intan Group the direct point of contact for any questions regarding customers and their current subscriptions.

Complaints management

Robust customer relations and the highest possible level of quality assurance are fundamental to the solution-oriented way the intan Group does business.

In particular, the company’s sustainable complaints management procedure means that the products and services it offers are constantly being improved and developed.

Encouraging customers to complain, channelling complaints and handling complaints are all essential aspects of a responsible complaints management system. Successful customer support consists of a combination of two things: firstly, making it easy for customers to complain and secondly, handling and processing complaints in a professional manner. With its decades of experience, the intan Group’s complaints management procedure provides excellence in all these areas. What’s more, the intan Group is a customer-focused, service-oriented point of contact for its partners.

Cancellation prevention

In order to find out why a cancellation is being requested, it is useful to ask questions of the customer who is making the cancellation. In future, the information provided can then be used to create a robust database for analysing problems and also for calculating the cancellation probability, which can be represented as a cancellation score.

Taking pre-emptive, preventive action is just as important as analysing a cancellation that has already taken place. The intan Group has embraced the idea of identifying potential cancellation candidates and taking the relevant countermeasures to prevent such customers from leaving.

Of course this should not result in loyal customers being overlooked. So the intan Group looks after its old customer relationships to ensure they remain satisfied.