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Here at the intan Group our focus is on professional services in subscription support and media sales. These services enable your company – and, by extension, ours – to enjoy lasting success.

We have been an independent service provider in the media industry for over three decades. In this time, we have shaped and managed well over 2 million end customer relationships and operate in locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are specialists in media sales and subscription services and we win over our clients with innovative digital business concepts. These concepts enable our clients to penetrate markets effectively, extend their market share and consolidate their position on the market.

Our broad portfolio of media sales services extends from designing holistic marketing strategies and perfectly coordinated tools for obtaining new customers to providing customer care. As a service provider that is not tied to any particular publisher, we develop win-back strategies and take on receivables management on your behalf. In each individual area, you can expect creative ideas, clear analysis and the implementation of both innovative and tried and tested concepts. The intan Group uses a selection of innovative digital measures, ranging from subscription services right through to creative frameworks for marketing concepts, to create the perfect marketing mix.

Our media sales services are valued by our clients in Germany and other countries. We are an independent service provider that specialises in subscription services and is not tied to any particular publisher, we focus on tailor-made concepts and use facts from empirical data as a foundation for our own creative ideas. This balance has proved its worth over more than 40 years and has become an important pillar for many businesses – and could also become part of your own company’s success story. As an independent service provider who is not tied to any particular publisher we can use all our resources to work effectively in both media sales and subscription services. With a strong partner by your side, you can force effective change – change driven by great ideas and efficient marketing and media tools. You set the direction and the intan Group team will help you at every stage of the journey – from design and development to implementation and analysis.
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