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With just under 2 million subscribers, the intan Group is one of the leading media sales firms for subscription management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The intan Group’s innovative digital business models are its main strength. Since the company was founded 40 years ago, intan has been working together with numerous prestigious publishers and companies.

With the intan Group’s promising partnerships with businesses such as Corporate Benefits, DeutschlandCard and Payback, users of the various tools benefit from favourable deals – in the form of discounted subscriptions. The intan Group also offers to develop and build white label shops and customised landing pages for its partners, in their partners’ chosen designs.

Customer loyalty programmes

The intan Group’s customer loyalty programmes make use of every approach that consolidates and/or develops customer relationships. These approaches include providing the interested party with the opportunity to collect loyalty points, which can then be redeemed for attractive rewards with companies such as DeutschlandCard, Payback and Cadooz. Of course these customer loyalty programmes also include offers from the intan Group itself.

Staff benefits programmes

Staff benefits provide motivation for a company’s employees. Attractive special deals with well-known manufacturers and brands strengthen a company’s positive image – from the inside out. Our powerful partner company offers companies a full staff benefits package which includes consultation and planning as well as the technical implementation of the solution. The list on our partner’s portal includes the intan Group, which also uses this service for its own staff.